Five people with a checkered past are brought together to fullfil one mystery man's thirst for power.

Everybody's Scheming, but the play is not to be Schemed. Will love and loyalty reign or will the mystery man get played at his own game?

Scheming involves a charismatic young man named Derek with a heartfelt past who brings together a team of misfits with different skills to perform task being assigned to them by a mysterious Russian man who has an ultimate goal for them all. While they take on these different task Derek wants to mix a little business with pleasure with one of the girls on the team and falls a little harder than expected. Unfortunately her past makes her a very tough cookie to crack. As they progress through each task, they start to wonder is there something more to Sergei's game. Things get a little messy as Detectives Milton & Bailey get to close for comfort. Loyalties are questioned, trust is broken and the team has to figure out where their priorties lie and test their resiliance to get to the Ultimate bag.

13 Episode , Suspense, Action, Drama

  Main Characters


The Brain


Derek's right hand man, the ladies hate to love him


The poor little Klepto, rich girl


Slicker than a can of oil


Fast & Furious


The Russion Spy, play his game of be played

Episode Preview 1-5


Meet Derek, Patrick, Tracy and Sergei. Sergei sees an opportunity and jumps at the chance to put his deceitful plans in motion. He brings Derek into his game. Derek is up for the challenge and puts his own team together.



You gotta be slicker than that Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is caught on tape. Derek decides to test her skills to see what she is really working with. Patrick & Derek pulls the band of misfits together and they past Sergei's first test.


The assignment is to get intricate information on a slime ball, the problem is, the information is in his office on a computer. Patrick and Derek know they could use one more person, Derek has had his eyes on a cute bi-racial little kleptomanic named Tracey .Tracey could use the extra cash so that she can cut ties with her cheating father.



Derek's Uncle Reggie is home from prison, and trying to convince Derek to help him make some money in the dope game.Sargent Bryant and Detective Milton is trying to solve a robbery and applying serious pressure to the guys at



Captain Carson is applying pressure to everyone in the precinct .Sargent Bryant can't handle the heat, Cases aren't closing and they need to get some hard evidence and make something stick, fast.

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